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Tied4U its about the erotic art of japanese bondage (shibari 縛り) and shows photographs and videos of private sessions and live shows involving beautiful girls tied  by Sr. Interior. Most of content are published in  English and Spanish, the contents are the same.

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In order to celebrate the seventh? anniversary of that day, when I decided to start learning shibari,  some friendes arrange a tiny celebration in La  Munster (our "lab" at this time) not many people, only those who might consider my uchi (ウチ- 内) from the earliest rope practices

Turned out that all of us suffer from from some artistic curiosity, which take this opportunity to do whatever we love, loose in an impromptu performance where music and ropes blend in a lysergic trance

I retrieved a set of photos done in 2009 for this post ... has been a long time ago, but I decide publish it now, in part because is I enhoy a lot this session, in part to show my evolution in ropes

In the Western Christian tradition Incubus are male sexual vampires that appear overnight in the dreams of women. Oppressing her chest until they couldn’t breathe. Whispering threats in her ears, and even raping her while suffering a strange paralysis and flow between sleep and wakefulness

It's a character that blends horror and sexual pleasure in a totally delightful way. His name incubus, means "I lay on you" ... and once sneaks into the female mind, she is hopeless doomed lubricity and perversion

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